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With a general election in the UK now underway here we look at key stories on Labour antisemitism, with a particular focus on those standing for election as Labour MPs.

This page will be updated as more candidates pasts are uncovered


Jeremy has been the Labour MP for Islington since 1983, and Leader of Labour since 2015. During the last few years many stories have emereged about his long history of antisemitism, as well as his support for antisemites (including terrorists who murdered Jews) and his instituionalisation of antisemitism in the Labour party he leads


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Islington, England

Jeremy Corbyn

Richard Burgon.jpg

Richard has been the Labour MP for Leeds East since 2015, he is currently the Shadow Justice Secretary and Shadow Lord Chancellor. He once said that "Zionism is the enemy of peace" and then claimed he hadn't till video of him saying it emerged.


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Leeds East, England

Richard Burgon

Dan Carden.jpg

Dan is standing for Liverpool Walton, the safest seat in the country, and one he's been MP for since 2017. Dan is the Acting Shadow Secretary of State for International Development.


Dan apparently sang "Hey Jude" replacing "Jude" with "Jews"


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Liverpool Walton, England

Dan Carden

Naz Shah_edited.jpg

Naz has been a Labour MP since 2015, she is currently a shadow Equalities minister. Naz has previously been suspended for antisemitism.


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Bradford West, England

Naz Shah


Lisa was controversially elected as Labour MP for Peterborough earlier this year after a history of liking and replying to antisemitic posts on facebook was revealed.


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Peterborough, England

Lisa Forbes

Emma Dent Coad.jpg

Emma is standing again for Kensington where she's been a Labour MP since 2017. Emma made the news for liking a comment saying Jews worldwide are disgraced by Israel. She also previously called a BAME tory a "token ghetto Boy"

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Kensington, England

Emma Dent Coad

David Drew_edited.jpg

David is standing again for Kensington where he's been a Labour MP since 2017. David has previously been shown using thinly veiled antisemitic slurs.

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Stroud, England

David Drew


Apsana is Labours candidate for Poplar and Limehouse.

She's previously made the news for sharing comments about Saudi having "Zionist Masters"


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Poplar and Limehouse, England

Apsana Begum

Jean Anne Mitchell.jpg

Jean is Labours candidate for West Dunbartonshire.

She shared comments about a BBC Journalists "Jewishness" to accuse him of favouring Boris Johnson in a TV debate


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West Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Jean Anne Mitchell

Ali Milani.jpg

Ali is standing for Labour against Boris Johnson in Uxbridge.


He has a history of antisemitic remarks on social media, including "It'll cost u a pound #Jew"


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Uxbridge and South Ruislip, England

Ali Milani

Sophie Wilson.jpg

Sophie is standing for Labour in Rother Valley.


She previously signed a pettition in support of Chris Williamson


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Rother Valley, England

Sophie Wilson

Safia Ali_edited.jpg

Sophie is standing in Falkirk.


She has been dropped as the Labour candidate over antisemitic posts on her Facebook page. However as the dealine has passed she will still be on the ballot.


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Falkirk, Scotland

Safia Ali

Sam Tarry_edited.jpg

Sam is Labour's candidate for Ilford North


He is accused of saying Jews have been manipulating antisemitism to defend Israel


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Ilford South, England

Sam Tarry

Alana Bates_edited_edited.jpg

Alana is the candidate for St Ives


She's part of a band that sings antisemitic songs


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St Ives, England

Alana Bates

Corrie Drew.jpg

Corrie is Labour's candidate for Bournmouth East. She made the news when she said she was "devestated" when another candidate was dropped over antisemitism.

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Bournmouth East, England

Corrie Drew

Tina McKay_edited.jpg

Tina is Labour's candidate for Colchester. She has previously claimed that there is evidence that antisemitism is being used as an anti-Corbyn plot

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Colchester, England

Tina McKay

Maria Caroll.jpg

Maria is Labour's candidate for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr. She ran a secret group advising labour members under investigation for antisemitism (including Holocaust denial) how to fight sanctions.

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Carmarthen East and Dinefwr , Wales

Maria Carroll


Kate was the candidate for Gordon, She stood down after revelations over antisemitism

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Gordon, Scotland

Kate Ramsden


Colin was removed from the shortlist for Epping Forest after it was revealed he defended an antisemitic image.


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Epping Forest, England

Colin Monehen

Abby King_edited.jpg

Abby was the Labour candidate for Aldershot, but has recently stood down. She previously made the news for a post referring to a friend as a "fookin Ethiopian Jew," 


More Info

Aldershot, England

Abby King

Roger Godsiff.jpg

Roger has been a Labour MP in Birmingham since 1992. He was stood down by Labour's NEC after controversy over the city's LGBT teaching row. He also made controversial comments about Israel for which he is mentioned here.


More Info

Birmingham Hall Green, England

Roger Godsiff


Diane has been a Labour MP since 1987 and is currently Shadow Home Secretary


Diane has expressed problematic or offensive views on multiple ocasions, including calling antisemitism in labour "a smear"

More Info

Hackney North and Stoke Newington, England

Diane Abbott

Mike Amesbury_edited.jpg

Mike was elected as a Labour MP in 2017 and is currently a shadow employment minister.


Mike shared an antisemitic caricature on Facebook, which he denied until it was pointed out it was still on his Facebook

More Info

Weaver Valley, England

Mike Amesbury

Afzal Khan_edited.jpg

Afzal has been the Labour MP for Manchester Gorton since 2017. He is currently a minister of state for immigration.


He previously compared Israel to the Nazis.


More Info

Manchester Gorton, England

Afzal Khan

Rupa Huq_edited.jpg

Rupa has been the Labour MP for Ealing since 2015. She has been accused of antisemitism by 2 former staff members, including questioning a Jewish candidate applying  to work for her about their loyalty to Israel.


More Info

Ealing Central and Acton, England

Rupa Huq

Ruth George .jpg

Ruth has been the Labour MP for High Peak since 2017. Earlier this year she suggested 7 MPs who left labour (many citing antisemitism) might have been funded by Israel.


More Info

High Peak, England

Ruth George

Ronnie Campbell.jpg

Ronnie has been the Labour MP for Blythe since 1987. He claimed antisemitism was being used as a "stick to beat Corbyn"

More Info

Blyth Valley, England

Ronnie Campbell

Zarah Sultana_edited.jpg

Zarah is the candidate for Coventry south. She has a long history of offensive comments, including attacking a Jewish student as "white"


More Info

Coventry South, England

Zarah Sultana

Peter Chowney.jpg

Peter is the candidate for Hastings. He has dismissed the IHRA antisemitism definition, refused to support antisemitism training for elected members and targeted a Jewish woman speaking out on antisemitism by trying to have her removed as a trustee of a charity. 


More Info

Hastings, England

Peter Chowney

Coral Jones_edited.jpg

Coral is Labours candidate for North Thanet. She was suspended in 2016 for retweeting a post referring to "Zionist Israeli forces"


More Info

North Thanet, England

Dr Coral Jones

Jim Malone.jpg

Jim is standing for Labour in Dundee West. Jim previously penned a motion that was passed by his local party calling for the immediate reinstatement of Chris Williamson, then suspended for antisemitism.

More Info

Dundee West, Scotland

Jim Malone


Claudia is standing to be the next Labour MP in Leicester East. She has caused controversy in the past with her defence of Ken Livingstone and was accused of allowing antisemitic tropes to go unchallenged at a Labour conference event she chaired.


More Info

Leicester East, England

Claudia Webbe


Kate is standing for Labour in Swindon North. She has a long history of sharing antisemitic posts including one accusing MPs who criticised Naz Shah over antisemitism of being "Holocaust Mongers"


More Info

Swindon North, England

Kate Linnegar

Pamela Fitzpatrick_edited.jpg

Pamela is standing for Labour in Harrow East. She shared posts accusing Ruth Smeeth of making up antisemitism to "smear" Corbyn supporters


More Info

Harrow East, England

Pamela Fitzpatrick

Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt.jpg

Rebecca is standing for Labour in South Thanet. She runs a 'think tank' which defended Ken Livingstone, Jackie Walker and spoke of MPs "Zionist sympathies"


More Info

South Thanet, England

Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt

peyr assad_edited.jpg

Peymana is standing for Labour in Ruislip Northwood and Pinner . She apparently 'joked' about someone being "gassed" in relation to a joke about Jews


More Info

Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner, England

Peymana Assad

Dan Greef_edited.jpg

Dan is standing for Labour in South Cambridge. He called for Israel to be "ripped up" and questioned why labour MPs are part of "Friends of Israel" groups.


More Info

South Cambridge, England

Dan Greef

Shaista Aziz_edited.jpg

Shaista is in the frame to stand in Nottingham East. She has a long history of probelmatic comments including "Zionists bankrolling"


More Info

Nottingham East, England

Shaista Aziz

Bill Curran_edited.jpg

Bill was dropped as a candidate for a series of posts reported to Labour for antisemitism 

More Info

Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross, Scotland

Bill Curran

matthew collings_edited.jpg

Matthew was dropped as a candidate for a series of posts including one showing "influence" of Israel and Jewish businesmen on UK politics

More Info

South West Norfolk, England

Matthew Collings

Gideon Bull.jpg

Gideon was Labours Clacton candidate but has stood down when his calling a Jewish woman "Shylock" made the national papers.

More Info

Clacton, England

Gideon Bull

Ed Murphy_edited.jpg

Ed was Labours North West Cambridgeshire candidate but has been dropped over antisemitic tweets.

More Info

North West Cambridgeshire, England

Ed Murphy

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